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Marley is a BWP mare imported from Belgium after qualifying and competing at the young horse finals (1.30m) in Belgium.  She then went on to be a top junior jumper. Her career speaks to her scope and rideability, she has both temperament and talent for upper level sport. Marley has the beautiful look and rideability of Der Senatt while bringing the scope and depth of talent from Darco. Her motherline has produced many top competitors. Her brother Hitarco Versoe  (Chatman) was on the British young riders team, her grandmother produced two 1.40m horses, and her sister Gitta Versoe (Nagano) is the mother of licenced stallion Chablis 24 Z.

We expect Marley to produce top jumpers, but her temperament and jump technique could also easily produce a hunter. Marley's foals are also beautiful movers.

Expecting a Nickleson VDL foal in 2022



Joffre FF (Jethro Tull)

Miso FF (Nickelson VDL)

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